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General Education Professorship

Formerly known as the Karl G. Maeser General Education professorship, this appointment was established to recognize exceptional service to General Education at BYU through outstanding teaching, new course, or program development, and long-term commitment to these efforts.  Only one Professorship is awarded each year.

Current and Past Recipients

Richard K. Watt Chemistry and Biochemistry 2021
Larry Nelson Family, Home, and Social Sciences 2020
Brian D. Jackson English 2019
Jeremy Pope Political Science 2018
Thomas B. Russell Theatre and Media Arts 2017
Eric Wilson Microbiology & Molecular Biology 2016
Steven Wood Chemistry & Biochemistry 2015
Chad Emmett Geography 2014
C. Riley Nielson Biology 2013
Robert B. McFarland Germanic & Slavic Languages 2012
Steven R. Goates Chemistry & Biochemistry 2011
Travis T. Anderson Philosophy 2010
Richard N. Holzapfel Church History & Doctrine 2009
R. Steven Turley Physics & Astronomy 2008
Cardell K. Jacobson Sociology 2007
A. Brent Strong School of Technology 2007
Bruce W. Young English 2007
Ilona Klein French & Italian 2006
J. Ward Moody Physics & Astronomy 2006
Daniel J. Fairbanks Plant & Animal Sciences 2005
Harold L. Miller Jr. Psychology 2005
Michael J. Call Humanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature 2004
E. Harrison Powley III School of Music 2004
Rovert E. Seegmiller Physiology & Developmental Biology 2004
Gary L. Hatch English 2003
Bart J. Kowallis Geology 2003
Bruce A. Chadwick Sociology 2002
Grant W. Mason Physics & Astronomy 2002
Lora Beth Brown Food Science & Nutrition 2001
Larry H. Peer Humanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature 2001
Rex G. Cates Botany & Range Science 2000
Neil L. York History 2000
Jon D. Green Humanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature 1999
Sally T. Taylor English 1999
Gary M. Booth Zoology 1998
Kristine Hansen English 1998
Gary L. Browning Germanic & Slavic Languages 1997
Larry L. St. Clair Botany & Range Science 1997
Alan F. Keele Germanic & Slavic Languages 1996
Noel B. Reynolds Political Science 1996
Arthur R. Bassett Humanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature 1995
Juliana Boerio-Goates Chemistry & Biochemistry 1995
Jae Ballit Physics & Astronomy 1994
Madison U. Sowell French & Italian 1994
Larry T. Wimmer Economics 1994
Sara Lee Gibb Dance 1993
George S. Tate Humanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature 1993
James E. Faulconer Philosophy 1991
Donald K. Jarvis Germanic & Slavic Languages 1991
Elouise M. Bell English 1990
K. Codell Carter Philosophy 1990
John J. Merrill Physics & Astronomy 1990
Samuel R. Rushforth Botany & Range Science 1990
William S. Bradshaw Microbiology, Zoology 1987
Frank W. Fox History 1987
Clayne L. Pope Economics 1987