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The GE Design Committee (2.0) was charged to devise a new general education program for BYU. The committee’s mission was to build upon the work of the first design committee (GEDC 1.0), take into account feedback from individual faculty and university units about that committee's recommendations, and propose a new GE structure for BYU.

Read the Charge Read the Proposal for a New GE

In the fall of 2020, GEDC 2.0 completed their work and turned the proposal over to the Faculty General Education Committee who will refine the proposal and submit it to the University Curriculum Council for approval. If you have questions about or feedback for the redesign process, contact your college FGEC representative.

General Education Design Committee 2.0 2020
Susan S. Rugh, Chair Dean Undergraduate Education
Christopher P. Oscarson, Co-Chair Associate Dean Undergraduate Education
Leanna Balci Associate Librarian Lee Library
Jennifer Bown Associate Professor German and Russian
Michael Brown Professor PD Biology
Isaac Calvert Assistant Professor EDLF
Douglas Cook Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering
Richard Davis Professor Political Science
Michael Dorff Professor Mathematics
Matt Greene Administrator BGS, Continuing Education
Jeremy Grimshaw

Associate Professor

Associate Dean

School of Music

Fine Arts & Communications

Melissa Hawkley Office of AAVP Undergraduate Studies
Kathryn Isaak PT Faculty Comparative Arts & Letters
Brian Jackson Associate Professor English
Wade Jacoby Professor Political Science
Jerry Johnson Professor Biology
Byran Korth Associate Professor Church History
Jeff Larson Associate Professor Marketing & Global Supply Chain
Katreena Merrill Associate Professor Nursing
Shawn Miller Professor History
David Neilson Professor Physics and Astronomy
Larry Nelson Professor School of Family Life
Rex Nielson Associate Professor Spanish & Portuguese
Marc Olivier Professor French and Italian
Jenny Pulsipher Professor History
Rickelle Richards Associate Professor Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science
Brooke Smith Marketing Curriculum & Class Scheduling
Vincent Wilding Professor Chemical Engineering

General Education Design Committee Spring-Summer 2019
Stan Benfell, Chair Professor Comparative Arts and Letters
Jodi Chowen Managing Director Careers and Experiential Learning
Mikaela Dufur Professor Sociology
Eric Huntsman Professor Ancient Scripture
Brian Jackson Associate Professor English
Amy P. Jensen Professor
Associate Dean
Theatre and Media Arts
Fine Arts and Communication
Jane Lassetter Professor Nursing
Kelly Patterson Professor Political Science
James Patterson Associate Professor Chemistry & Biochemistry
Steve Peck Associate Professor Biology
Tyler Pederson Associate Director Student Dev. Services
Cecilia Peek Associate Professor Comparative Arts and Letters
Brooke Smith Manager Curriculum and Class Scheduling
Vincent Wilding Professor
Associate Dean
Chemical Engineering