Introduction to Mosaics

Want a way to make GE work for YOU and YOUR GOALS? This is the answer! Instead of random classes, use GE courses to create a complete picture that will benefit your plan for your life.

Mosaics are GE courses thematically grouped to enhance your GE experience and add to your major course of study. For instance, a student who served her mission in Japan and is studying business may want to take GE courses in the Asian Culture Mosaic because she would like to work with companies who serve Asian clients. Or a political science major may wish to choose the Human Dignity Mosaic as a way to more broadly prepare for public service or law school. Choose a Mosaic from the list to fit what you plan to do with your major. You might want to meet with an adviser to consider other possible Mosaics that would benefit your plan for your education.

What do you do when you've completed a Mosaic? Complete the form and submit it to GE. You will receive a letter for your portfolio to use in graduate school applications or in job interviews to show that you were purposeful enough about your plans to select GE courses with intent instead of for convenience. Go ahead! Make GE work for you!

Check out the Mosaics!

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