Faculty General Education Council

The General Education Program is administered by the Associate Dean of General Education and the Assessment & Curriculum Specialist for General Education, along with office support staff. The Associate Dean reports to the Dean of Undergraduate Education, who reports to the Associate Academic Vice President—Undergraduate Studies. The Faculty General Education Council, consisting of faculty members from every college with undergraduate programs, decides which courses to accept and retain under General Education guidelines established by the University administration.


EngineeringRichard Helps
Political Science & Family, Home, and Social SciencesEric Hyer
Fine Arts and CommunicationsLuke Howard
Harold B. Lee LibraryLeanna Balci
HumanitiesNate Kramer
Life SciencesDon Breakwell
Marriott SchoolEric DeRosia
McKay School of EducationKeven Prusak
NursingKatreena Merrill
Chemistry & BiochemistrySteven Wood
Writing Program CoordinatorBrian Jackson