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General Education

NEW! Beginning Fall 2014, students may register for new UNIV courses. These interdisciplinary courses focus on Great Questions, as seen through the lens of two different disciplines. Each course fills two GE requirements: UNIV 291 fulfills Biology & Letters, UNIV 292 fulfills Physical Science & Global and Cultural Awareness, and UNIV 293 fulfills Social Sciences & Arts. Talk with your advisor about whether these courses are a good fit for you and your academic plans. 

The Office of General Education provides information on the General Education requirements for students and is a resource for faculty teaching GE courses. Visit the various links above to get more detailed information. For detailed guidelines and structuring of the courses click here: Fall 2014 Courses or Winter 2015 Courses

University Core (Religion & General Education)

The University Core consists of Religion and General Education (GE) requirements.  Visit the current online University Core for the latest list of certified GE courses.

Also, check out the GE Mosaics webpage for information on the GE Mosaics, a way to coordinate your GE courses around a theme.