GE Office

Location: MSRB 350
Phone:      801.422.6818

The GE Office oversees and supports General Education courses at BYU through:

  • conducting regular assessment of GE Learning Outcomes to address institutional and accreditation requirements,
  • providing teaching support through Faculty Matching Grants, the GE Academy, and faculty events,
  • facilitating the work of the Faculty General Education Council and associated committees, and
  • coordinating with advisors, the Registrar’s office, and other campus entities to help students make meaningful GE choices.

Recreation Management professor Patti Freeman is the associate dean of Undergraduate Education. Freeman oversees General Education and the University Core, including assessment of all general education courses.

Office: MSRB 350B   Phone:   (801) 422-1286   Email:

Patti Freeman
Associate Dean



Office: MSRB 302A   Phone:   (801) 422-4209,  Email:

Joseph Hanks
GE Analyst