Appeal Procedure

At times circumstances make it extremely difficult for students to complete their requirements for GE in a timely manner.  In those rare cases a student may submit a request for a substitution for a GE requirement, known as an appeal.  Students are more likely to succeed if they have already sought support from their adviser at one of the 11 College Advisement Centers.

Submit a petition at  Follow the step-by-step instructions.  You will have the option to upload supporting documents.  Your explanation should be brief.  Note that work done before enrolling at BYU (including AP test scores) is evaluated in the Transfer Office, not the Office of General Education.

Petitions are considered on a regular basis.  Because the process of evaluating a petition involves checking a student's academic record, relevant syllabi, and sometimes referral to an adviser, it can take several weeks for a student to receive notice that a petition has been granted or denied.

If you have questions about the process or need help with a petition, please contact the GE Office at 801.422.6818, or email