Alcuin Fellowship

Alcuin Fellowships: The Alcuin Fellowship, created in 1986, is named after Alcuin of York (c. 730- 802), master of the seven liberal arts and leading figure of the Carolingian Renaissance who brought about far-reaching educational renewal. The Alcuin Fellowship appointments are for three years and include annually a salary stipend of $5,000 plus $5,000 in research support funds.
Awarded by Undergraduate Education, the Alcuin Fellowship supports the liberal arts education of undergraduate students in the Honors program. Alcuin fellows are expected to teach one of the four Unexpected Connections (GE) courses required of Honors students.  Alcuin fellows will team teach these courses in partnership with another faculty member at least four semesters during their three-year tenure in the fellowship.  Each course is interdisciplinary, designed by the faculty pair around the intersection of their different disciplines.  The Honors Program will also invite Alcuin Fellows to participate, as their circumstances allow, in Honors Program events, mentoring Honors students, and facilitating interdisciplinary research. 
Applications/Nominations for this award should be submitted to: 
Susan Rugh, Dean - Undergraduate Education - 305 MSRB - Re: Alcuin / GE Professorship 
  • Candidates must be full-time faculty, professorial or professional, with continuing faculty status and at least five years’ experience at BYU. 
  • Candidates may apply, or be nominated, and are welcome to apply individually or as a teaching partnership.
  • Criteria for selection include:
    • Interest in helping develop and team-teach interdisciplinary Honors (GE) courses.
    • History of service to the Undergraduate Education programs, including General Education, Honors Program, First-Year programs, and National Scholarships and Fellowships. 
    • Evidence of consistent pattern of high quality teaching. 
  • Past Alcuin recipients are eligible to apply or be nominated again for the Alcuin Fellowship. 
Application/Nomination Packet: 
Candidates may apply or be nominated. Submit a letter containing the following: 
  1. Candidate name 
  2. Academic rank 
  3. Years of faculty service at BYU 
  4. Department and college 
  5. A statement of why the faculty member is a good candidate to teach an interdisciplinary course that qualifies for the selected GE category. Include examples from the person’s background such as courses developed or taught, relevant research, and other activities that have prepared him or her for this opportunity. 
  6. Chair’s and Dean’s signatures indicating their acceptance of the obligation associated with this fellowship. 
  7. Attach an abbreviated CV and any other relevant supporting documents (optional). 

Alcuin Fellowship Nomination Information and Form

Current and Past Fellows

John BennionEnglish2017
John ColtonPhysics2017
Aaron EastleyEnglish2017
Julianne GroseMMBio2017
Cynthia HallenLinguistics & English Language2017
Paul RichardsCivil & Env Engineering2017
Patrick SteffenPsychology2017
Evan WardHistory2017
Michael CallComparative Arts and Letters2016
Dennis R. CutchinsEnglish2016
Brian D. PooleMicrobiology and Molecular Biology2016
Mark R. PurvesRussian2016
Megan S. JonesTheatre and Media Arts2015
Wade HollingshausTheatre and Media Arts2015
Samuel OtterstromGeography2015
Richard KimballHistory2015
Matt LinfordChemistry & Biochemistry2015
Richard A. GillBiology2014
Donald J. HarreldHistory2014
Brian D. JacksonEnglish2014
Nathaniel T. KramerHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature2014
R. Steven TurleyPhysics & Astronomy2014
Scott B. CooperPolitical Science2013
David V. DeardenChemistry & Biochemistry2013
Matthew E. MasonHistory2013
Christopher P. OscarsonHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature2013
Megan S. JonesTheatre & Media Arts2012
Kristen L. MatthewsEnglish2012
Cinzia D. NobleFrench & Italian2012
Carl SederholmHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature2012
Charles L. SwiftAncient Scripture2012
Donald J. HarreldHistory2011
Jane H. LassetterNursing2011
Matthew C. AsplundChemistry & Biochemistry2010
Eric R. DurstelerHistory2010
David P. LarawaySpanish & Portuguese2010
Debra H. SowellHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature2010
Renata A. ForsteSociology2009
Luke B. HowardSchool of Music2009
Daryl P. LeeFrench & Italian Languages2009
Larry L. St. ClairBiology2009
C. Penny BirdEnglish2008
Kendall W. BrownHistory2008
Darrin M. DoudMathematics2008
Dean W. DuncanTheatre & Media Arts2008
Dawson W. HedgesPsychology2008
Eric D. HuntsmanAncient Scripture2008
Richard I. KimballHistory2008
Marc L. OlivierFrench & Italian Languages2008
Cecilia M. PeekHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature2008
Susanne J. DavisDance2007
Trenton L. HickmanEnglish2007
Jesse D. HurlbutFrench & Italian Languages2007
Steven P. JohnsonMusic2007
Victor L. LudlowAncient Scripture2007
Brett C. McInellyEnglish2007
J. Scott MillerAsian & Near Eastern Languages2007
Larry J. NelsonSchool of Family Life2007
Jenny H. PulsipherHistory2007
Kerry D. SoperHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature2007
Juliana Boerio-GoatesChemistry & Biochemistry2006
Jaren S. HinckleySchool of Music2006
Alan F. KeeleGerman & Slavic Languages2006
Darl LarsenTheatre & Media Arts2006
Roy W. SilcoxPhysiology & Developmental Biology2006
Ronald E. TerryChemical Engineering2006
Ralph B. BrownSociology2005
Paul F. EastmanMechanical Engineering2005
Valerie HegstromSpanish & Portuguese2005
Richard N. HolzapfelChurch History & Doctrine2005
Steven E. JonesPhysics & Astronomy2005
C. Riley NelsonIntegrative Biology2005
Larry V. ShumwayHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature2005
David E. SpencerEconomics2005
Brian F. WoodfieldChemistry & Biochemistry2005
William H. BakerOrganizational Leadership and Strategy2004
James A. DavisGeography2004
James D. GeorgeExercise Sciences2004
Michelle S. JamesGermanic & Slavic Languages2004
Richard E. JohnsonSociology2004
Barbara D. LockhartExercise Sciences2004
Dilworth B. ParkinsonAsian & Near Eastern Languages2004
David R. SeelyAncient Scripture2004
Donald P. BreakwellMicrobiology & Molecular Biology2003
Bruce J. CollingsStatistics2003
Byron W. DaynesPolitical Science2003
Kristen B. DeTienneOrganizational Leadership & Strategy2003
George B HandleyHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature2003
Roger G. HarrisonChemistry & Biochemistry2003
Mark J. JohnsonArt History2003
Paul B. PixtonHistory2003
Sharon J. BlackEducation2002
David D. DeardenChemistry & Biochemistry2002
Scott H. DuvallLee Library2002
William J. HamblinHistory2002
Eric N. JellenPlant & Animal Sciences2002
Ilona KleinFrench & Italian2002
James L. SiebachPhilosophy2002
Brandie R. SiegfriedEnglish2002
Stanley A. TaylorPolitical Science2002
David D. BusathZoology2001
Donald K. JarvisGermanic & Slavic Languages2001
J. Ward MoodyPhysics & Astronomy2001
Joseph D. ParryHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature2001
E. Harrison Powley lllSchool of Music2001
Beverly L. RoederAnimal Science2001
A. Lynn ScoresbyMarriage, Family & Human Development2001
Randall B. ShirtsChemistry & Biochemistry2001
A. Brent StrongSchool of Technology2001
R. Steven TurleyPhysics & Astronomy2001
Bruce W. YoungEnglish2001
Beverly B. ZimmermanEnglish2001
Travis T. AndersonPhilosophy2000
V. Stanley BenfellHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature2000
Brian Q. CannonHistory2000
James B. JensenMicrobiology2000
Jeffrey D. KeithGeology2000
Robert E. SeegmillerZoology2000
Hal L. BlackZoology1999
Susan CockayneMicrobiology1999
Gary DaynesHistory1999
Thomas B. HolmanSchool of Family Life1999
A. Keith LawrenceEnglish1999
David B. PaxmanEnglish1999
Martha Moffit PeacockVisual Arts1999
James S. TaylorSpanish & Portuguese1999
Mark C. BelkZoology1998
John F. CannonChemistry & Biochemistry1998
H. Blaine FurnissBotany & Range Science1998
Arnold H. GreenHistory1998
Gary L. HatchEnglish1998
Cardell K. JacobsonSociology1998
Roger T. MacfarlaneHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature1998
George S. TateHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature1998
Gary S. WilliamsAsian & Near Easter Languages1998
David D. AllredPhysics & Astronomy1997
Steven C. BuleVisual Arts1997
Michael J. CallHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature1997
Rex G. CatesBotany & Range Science1997
C. Wilfred GriggsAncient Scripture Faculty1997
John D. LambChemistry & Biochemistry1997
Steven C. WalkerEnglish1997
David L. CowlesEnglish1996
Phillip R. KunzSociology1996
Peter L. MyerVisual Arts1996
Honam RheeAsian & Near Easter Languages1996
Richard A. RobisonMicrobiology & Molecular Biology1996
Darrell J. WeberBotany & Range Science1996
S. Scott ZimmermanChemistry & Biochemistry1996
Grant M. BoswellEnglish1995
Donna Lee BowenPolitical Science1995
Lora Beth BrownFood Science & Nutrition1995
Lee D. HansenChemistry & Biochemistry1995
Paul Y. HoskissonAncient Scripture1995
Gerald M. ArmstrongMathematics1994
Gary M. BoothZoology1994
William HamblinGeology1994
Ralph C. HancockPolitical Science1994
Catherine Corman ParryEnglish1994
Larry H. PeerHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature1994
David A. TaylorVisual Arts1994
Marion J. BentleyTheatre & Media Arts1993
D. Cecil ClarkTeacher Education1993
B. Kent HarrisonPhysics & Astronomy1993
Richard H. JacksonGeography1993
Suzanne M. LundquistEnglish1993
Louis H. QuackenbushSpanish & Portuguese1993
William J. StrongPhysics & Astronomy1993
Chantal P. ThompsonFrench & Italian1993
Philip A. SnyderEnglish1992
Charles N. WalterMathematics1992
Robert C. BennionPsychology1991
Alvin K. BensonGeology1991
Mae BlanchEnglish1991
Douglas E. BushMusic1991
Daniel J. FairbanksBotany & Range Science1991
Kristine HansenEnglish1991
Thomas G. PlummerGermanic & Slavic Languages1991
J. Bonner RitchieRomney Institute of Public Management1991
John R. RosenbergSpanish & Portuguese1991
Madison U. SowellFrench & Italian1991
Robert D. SpeiserMathematics1991
Ronald E. TerryChemical Engineering1991
Richard R. TolmanZoology1991
Jacqueline T. VoylesMathematics Education1991
Byron J. WilsonChemistry & Biochemistry1991
Thomas H. BrownFrench & Italian1990
Steven C. BuleVisual Arts1990
Terrell M. ButlerHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature1990
Lynn E. GarnerMathematics1990
Richard C. LounsburyHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature1990
David C. MontgomeryHistory1990
Francis R. NordmeyerChemistry & Biochemistry1990
Larry L. St. ClairBotany & Range Science1990
Sally T. TaylorEnglish1990
Kent M. VanDegraaffZoology1990
Bruce A. ChadwickSociology1988
J. Duane DudleyPhysics & Astronomy1988
G. Eugene EnglandEnglish1988
James E. FaulconerPhilosophy1988
Samuel R. RushforthBotany & Range Science1988
Richard D. SagersMicrobiology1988
K. Codell CarterPhilosophy1987
William E. DibblePhysics & Astronomy1987
James L. FarmerZoology1987
Jon D. GreenHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature1987
David M. RandallMusic1987
Don A. SorrensonPolitical Science1987
Arthur R. BassettHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature1986
Elouise M. BellEnglish1986
Gary L. BrowningGermanic & Slavic Languages1986
Norma S. DavisHumanities, Classics, & Comparative Literature1986
Frank W. FoxHistory1986
Sara Lee GibbDance1986
Dana T. GriffenGeology1986
Wilford M. HessBotany & Range Science1986
Loyd E. HudmanGeography1986
Duane E. JefferyZoology1986
Hans W. KellingGermanic & Slavic Languages1986
Bart J. KowallisGeology1986
Thomas E. LyonSpanish & Portuguese1986
Grant W. MasonPhysics & Astronomy1986
John J. MerrillPhysics & Astronomy1986
Charles L. MettenTheatre & Media Arts1986
Harold L. Miller, Jr.Psychology1986
Merlin G. MyersAnthropology1986
Edward G. PaulChemistry & Biochemistry1986
Clayne L. PopeEconomics1986
Donald R. SnowMathematics1986
John S. TannerEnglish1986
Douglas H. ThayerEnglish1986